Applications of High Density Tungsten Alloys in Oil and Gas Production

Time: 2018-11-13
Applications of High Density Tungsten Alloys in Oil and Gas Production
Tungsten alloys are best suited for applications where there is a requirement for a large weight concentrated in the minimum possible space. They are also an ideal material for high-vacuum technology that needs very high temperatures.

Machining pure tungsten is a challenge as it is moderately brittle; however, when chemical elements such as copper, nickel, and iron are added, tungsten alloys are created which possess exceptionally useful properties. They are more than 50% heavier than lead and twice as heavy as steel. Tungsten alloys have thus become a vital material for a wide range of applications.

Oil and Gas Drilling Applications
*Oil sector, chemical and marine equipment – valve components, springs
*High pulse magnet research
*Orthodontic and prosthetic devices
*Aircraft and aerospace parts – springs, leading edge strips
The radiation shielding properties of tungsten alloys make them exceptional for use in manufacturing products to surround data logging instrumentation and isotopes, vital to locating oil and gas deposits. Shielding the instrumentation from radiation significantly enhances the performance of the data logging, as well as enhancing operational safety for personnel.

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