Evaporation Boats Made of Tungsten And Molybdenum

Time: 2018-08-16
Summary: We supply evaporation boats manufactured from tungsten, molybdenum. Our evaporation boats offer a good level of electrical conductivity and possess low vapor pressures combined with a very high melting point. When powered on, our boats heat the material for evaporation.During this process, the low vapor pressures of our metals ensure that no tungsten or molybdenum particles enter the vapor and penetrate the subsequent layer.
Evaporation Boats Made of Tungsten And Molybdenum
Tungsten boat, which can also be called thermal evaporation tungsten boats or coated tungsten boat, is made of tungsten plate under high temperature. With the property of good conductive, thermal, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, tungsten boat widely used in vacuum coating industry and sintering furn​ace or vacuum annealing.
Thermal evaporation (resistance evaporation) is a coating method employed during physical vapor deposition. The material that is to form the subsequent layer is heated in a vacuum chamber until it evaporates. The vapor formed by the material condenses on the substrate and forms the required layer.Molybdenum boats are made after processing molybdenum plates with cutting, folding, riveting and welding. The molybdenum boat shapes can be molded according to requirements, including round, rectangular, square, and trapezoidal and etc.

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